About us

Here at Affix Embroidery, we know customers like you are the source of our success.

Why us

With hundreds of promotional product companies in the market, it's difficult to choose one to trust. Since 2015, our focus has been providing our best price, quality, and service in the industry. Thanks to our amazing customers and our dedication to providing high quality products, we have developed into one of America's fastest growing promotional products manufacturers.

Our passion has led us to improve traditional manufacturing methods by using the latest technology and equipment. This journey has helped us modernize our techniques and reach a global community. In addition to our exceptionally talented staff, we have dedicated over 150,000 Sqft of space towards making the highest quality promotional items.

Don't be fooled by other websites claiming fast turnarounds! Sadly, our competitors often outsource all of their orders to Chinese manufacturers and leave you with the bill. Knowing our products leave a lasting impression, each team member works diligently to make sure each order is made to provide the utmost satisfaction for our customers.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us, either by email at sales@affixembroidery.com or toll-free at (323) 515 1571