Custom Airsoft Patches

You can use our custom airsoft patches to lend support to the local airsoft team. Affix Embroidery is a leading manufacturer of custom airsoft patches, and we know what it takes to make an airsoft patch that will proudly represent your airsoft team. We design the custom airsoft patches that make them ideal to be used to represent your airsoft team for years to come.

We at Affix Embroidery have all that is required to make an airsoft patch that would stand out. We have years of experience in the making of custom airsoft patches, and we can offer you different types of custom airsoft patches that are made using versatile design techniques.


We’ve been designing and developing custom airsoft patches over the past decade and have the experience required to make your team stand out.We provide high-quality airsoft patches that can be the perfect medium to support the local airsoft team. We provide diverse design options with the lowest prices.

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Get Custom Airsoft Patches at Reasonable Price

Our custom airsoft patches are available at a reasonable price with the highest quality that you expect from us. We use top-grade materials to produce your required airsoft patches that don’t only have the iconic designs but are also pocket-friendly and diverse in their own class. We take great pride in being a custom airsoft patches manufacturer that is offering the best possible prices in the entire industry.

Airsoft Patches Are an Identity

Custom airsoft patches for local teams are no less than identity, and as a pioneer in the field, we understand this pretty well. We thrive on the quality custom airsoft patches that we offer at an affordable so that your team takes pride in owning the airsoft patches. We ensure that there’s no compromise on the quality and the finishing of the airsoft patches so you can show off the custom airsoft patches of your team with great pride.

Unmatchable Pricing

When it comes to the pricing of custom airsoft patches at Affix Embroidery, it doesn’t matter what color, size, and design you choose. We provide the best possible prices for the airsoft patches no matter how complex is the design element of the custom airsoft patches.

Along with the unmatchable pricing for the airsoft patches, we also take pride in being a custom airsoft patches manufacturer that offers timely deliveries anywhere in the world. If you get to know that any custom airsoft patches maker is providing a better price, then you are welcome to bring it under our knowledge, and we would make sure that we either provide the lowest pricing or match the prices that are being offered by the competitor.

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