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With Affix promotional apparel, you're just a few clicks away from designing unique attire to boast your brand name. We give you options! Choose t-shirts or polos; flip flops or rainwear; athletic or sleepwear. You determine what styles, colors and materials best appeal to your demographic. Effectively drive brand recall with comfortable imprinted clothing, accessories and footwear from Affix.


We are aware of the popularity of custom promotional apparel, and we provide highly customized promotional apparel solutions for you at the best prices.Customized corporate apparel helps your staff and travel teams look professional! Put your company logo on dress shirts, polos and sweatshirts.

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We at Affix understand the need and importance of various types of custom promotional apparel products. We, as a leading market leader, take pride in bringing you the most diverse range of custom promotional apparel items that are designed from scratch to meet your respective needs. We, as a pioneer in the custom promotional apparel field, believe that quality shouldn’t cost you much; hence, we offer the lowest prices for our custom-made promotional products.

When you are shopping for promotional clothing be aware that not all materials are made in the same way. The purpose for which you intend to use the apparel you buy will decide the kind of material you need to think about. Our Brand Consultants can guide you in the correct direction. In this case, for instance for shirts that will be the uniforms that your employees wear, make sure that the fabrics are comfortable. If the polo shirt you buy are designed for playing golf on the courses, be sure they are breathable and have moisture-wicking capabilities. The design you select will allow you to convey your organization's or company's message. Be sure that your promotional apparel sets the appropriate tone for your company's image.

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When we talk about the diversity of options that can come with custom promotional apparel products, then the sky is the limit. We offer a wide range of customizability options for the promotional products so we can align with your respective demands. We ensure you offer the finest options at the lowest possible prices.


We design our custom promotional apparel products with the help of our highly qualified designers. Our understanding of custom products is that they should reflect the ideas and the identity of your own. We ensure that we come on board with you and reflect the true representation of your ideas with the art of craft and state-of-the-art designing methods and all of that at the most affordable pricing.

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We have been in the field of custom promotional products for quite a while now, and we understand the changing norms of the industry. Our main goal is to meet the expectations of our clients so we can offer the finest customer service with the promise of quality and the lowest possible price. We are the epitome of complex designing solutions; hence you can count on our ability when it comes to the designing of your custom promotional apparel.


Our designs reflect the core idea of Affix Embroidery as a thriving force in the custom promotional apparel industry. We have all the required means to bring your ideas into reality. We will make sure that the color schemes, logo designs, and the quality of the final products remain uncompromised, along with the unmatchable pricing that is hard to find anywhere in the market today.

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