Custom Iron on Patches

assortment of iron-on patches

Affix Embroidery understands the fact that how custom iron on patches can be ideal in cases where you don’t want to sew the patches onto the garment. The ease that the custom iron-on patches provide helps you to just put a patch of your choice on the cloth’s surface with the help of an iron.

Affix Embroidery provides the finest quality custom iron-on patches at incredible prices to meet all of your requirements regarding the custom iron-on patches. We offer a variety of design choices for the iron on patches so you can have diversity when picking the right type of custom iron-on patches.


Custom embroidered patches and iron-on patches developed specifically to your group’s special design needs are all we do.Our diverse range of custom iron on patches is designed to be ironed on different kinds of fabrics without worrying about being detached. We have a wide range of options that are available in all sizes.

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We at Affix Embroidery provide the most diverse range of patches that you can find when it comes to custom iron-on patches. You don’t have to be concerned about the budget when it comes to customizing the iron-on patches for different purposes, as we will provide you choices that would not only align with your budget but will offer you the best quality as well.

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Affix Embroidery is proud of the wide range of customizability options that make us the pioneers of custom iron on patches. We have a variety that not only makes us unique but also gives us an edge over the other competitors in the market. Our options include a diverse range of thread colors, a wide array of size options, and plenty of unique backings for you to choose from for the perfect custom iron-on patch.


We have a skilled team of expert designers that would go through the revisions, improvisations, and all the design elements according to your needs. Affix Embroidery takes pride in setting new standards in the custom patch industry by offering free samples of the artwork so you can make up your mind before making the final call. We can develop and design the custom iron-on patches according to your wishes without compromising on the quality or the prices. We are also proud of your timely deliveries so you can get the desired custom iron-on patches in no time.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Affix Embroidery today and get your custom iron on patches made at an affordable price with the perks that you can’t anywhere else in the market.

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